Empowering disadvantaged local communities is the hub around which Kouga Wind Farm’s operations turn. Our socio-economic development projects aim to contribute meaningfully to the adjacent Sea Vista and Umzamowethu communities.


Kouga Wind Farm alone mitigates over 300 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions each year and helps to create a brighter, cleaner future for the surrounding communities.


Kouga Wind Farm comprises 32 turbines each capable of generating up to 2.5MW of power. Collectively, these turbines generate approximately 300 million kilowatt-hours (300GWh) of electrical energy per year.

About Kouga Wind Farm

Kouga Wind Farm is a renewable energy project which makes the most of the fresh onshore breezes that sweep the Eastern Cape coastline of South Africa.

Situated approximately 70km southwest of Port Elizabeth – between Oyster Bay and St Francis Bay – the wind farm delivers 80 megawatts of grid-connected capacity in the quest to power the country’s low-carbon future.

According to the Department of Energy’s national Integrated Resource Plan, the renewable energy sector is targeted to provide 42% of SA’s energy requirements by 2030, with wind farms playing an increasingly productive role.

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