Sea Vista library connects you

Visitors to the Sea Vista library will soon be able to browse the internet, do research for school projects, and send and receive emails from the library’s computers.

Sponsored by The Computer Shop (TCS) in St Francis Bay, the new 10Mbps ADSL line will make sure that users enjoy fast and easy internet access and connect them to the worldwide web.

TCS branch manager Roger De Doncker says the connectivity will be available on all the library’s desktop computers – both upstairs and downstairs.

“It’s uncapped, so it’s a good, consistent connection,” he says.

This will make doing research and getting the information you need – whether it is personal or for business – a breeze.

And, because the library roof is one of the highest points in the area, the repeater that has been installed will receive the signal from the nearest tower and retransmit it over a wider area so that private users in the Cape St Francis community will benefit from a stronger connection.

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