Support for Sandwater School

The KWF CSI team has invested in the Sandwater Primary School with the provision of a Reading Programme in English and Afrikaans and the installation of a jungle gym.

The Kouga Wind Farm team has invested in the Sandwater School for 2015 providing English and Afrikaans reading programmes, as well as additional aids to help the school learners with exercises and worksheets in all school subjects from Grade 1-7.  With this reading programme, the learner is taught sound combinations that empower him/her to construct words phonetically, to read them and therefore to pronounce them correctly.


To ensure the gross motor skill development of the younger learners, the KWF team installed a jungle gym at the Sandwater Primary School for the foundation phase children (Grade R-3).  This jungle gym includes various climbing and balancing apparatus, swings, a slide and various bridges.

In addition, the school principle, Mr. Ferreira, outlined the need for a copier and laptop for the school that the KWF provided in March.

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