Path to safety: Community Integration Walkway Project

The Kouga Wind Farm Community Development Trust is working with the St Francis Property Owners (SFPO) association to build a safer, paved walkway between Sea Vista and St Francis Bay.

The Community Integration Walkway Project – which has the support of Kouga Municipality, local schools, businesses and community organisations – will break ground shortly and take four to six months to complete.

Currently, the sandy pathway turns to mud when it rains and is overgrown and dangerous to walk in the dark.

The new pathway will be wide enough for two people to walk side by side, with room for bicycle traffic and possibly skateboarding. It will be well-lit, with trees and bushes cut back for better security as people go to and from work every day.

The R1.5-million construction project, which is funded by the Trust, will be managed by SFPO and employ local residents and businesses for bush clearing, landscaping and other trades. It is expected to create R500 000 in short-term work and skills development opportunities.

The design and engineering will be kept local, while a trainee project manager from Sea Vista will be mentored by the principal project manager. Residents will also have the chance to beautify the walkway through artistic and cultural history projects involving local school and church groups.

About the Trust: The Trust is an independent entity, set up by Kouga Wind Farm, for the benefit of local communities. The Trust has a 26% stake in the wind farm and uses its share of the dividends to fund socio-economic and small business development projects.

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