Oyster Bay: 11 turbines already erected

Construction of the R2 billion Kouga Wind Farm at Oyster Bay is on track with eleven of the 32 wind turbines already gracing the skyline.

It is expected that the last turbine will be erected by the end of September this year, with commissioning ongoing until end 2014.

When operational the wind farm will generate 80MW of clean and renewable power – this is enough energy to supply 100000 households.

Some 250 jobs will be created during the construction phase. Seventeen of these jobs will be unskilled labour which will be sourced locally. The remainder will be made up of a balance between semi-skilled and skilled jobs to be sourced locally as much as possible.

Apart from generating clean and renewable energy, the project will benefit local communities through the Red Cap Kouga Community Development Trust. The Trust, which holds a 26% shareholding in the project company courtesy of an Industrial Development Corporation loan, will derive income off the sale of electricity and this will be used to uplift the local community by funding health, welfare, education, local infrastructural and enterprise development projects.

By Monique Basson/ Kouga Express

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