Kouga Wind Farm launches Women’s Month programme

Kouga Wind Farm has started empowering women to drive social change in our local communities with the launch of a new Women’s Month programme.

Tackling important topics, from nutrition and health to parenting, finances, and finding your purpose, the five weekly self-improvement workshops inspired and equipped attendees to improve their own lives and those of others.

The sessions also gave the women the chance to talk about and brainstorm solutions to the real social challenges facing the communities of Sea Vista, Umzamowethu, KwaNomzamo and Kruisfontein.


The next step will be to roll out a legacy programme, which will empower a committee of volunteers, known as “rainmakers”, to shape and implement their ideas in each community, says community liaison officer Trevor Arosi.

“Over the next six months, Kouga Wind Farm will mentor the women to develop the right skills and knowledge to pursue their projects and address the need or problem they identified in their community.”

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