Go well, Wendy!

When CEO Wendy Parsons joined Kouga Wind Farm – one of the first wind farms in South Africa – in 2015, it had just been connected to the national grid. So those were exciting times with much to learn and new systems to put in place.

For South Africa, the idea of renewable energy was quite new and she says it was great to be at the forefront of something that has grown so much since then.

Wendy grew up in the Eastern Cape, but with most of her family now living in the United Kingdom, she is leaving our shores to be closer to them.

“I am genuinely sorry to be saying goodbye to Kouga Wind Farm; however, this area will always be special to me,” says Wendy.

She has made many treasured memories over the past five years, including:

  • getting to visit the beautiful Kouga area so often;
  • meeting many wonderful people who are making a positive impact on local residents and businesses;
  • learning so much from the wind farm’s ED Manager, Trevor Arosi, and many other great influencers in the industry;
  • witnessing the impact that women can have on their communities once they are given an opportunity to develop themselves; and
  • learning to speak basic isiXhosa.

Wendy has some parting words for the people of Kouga: “Hard work always pays off – you can choose to be blown around in the wind like a plastic bag, or to raise your sails and head for your destination.”

We wish Wendy every blessing in her new direction.

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