Getting reading right

The value of literacy among our children is so important. Kouga Wind Farm has employed two reading coaches at Sandwater Primary School. Their daily task is to sit with groups of Grade 3 learners and help them improve their reading skills.

Antonese Nuwenhuis has been at Sandwater for two years and loves working with the children. “I feel so good when I see how excited they get about learning new things,” she says. Basic vocabulary in English and Afrikaans as well as number skills are taught in a fun way, often by playing games.

Nicolette Matole has only been part of the team for a few months, but she shares the same passion for working with children and instilling a love of reading in them. Both Antonese and Nicolette have been inspired to enrol next year to become primary school teachers.

Foundation phase teacher Mariska Grebe is enthusiastic about the difference that the reading coaches have made. “I would be lost without them,” she says, adding that there has been a noticeable improvement. Pupils who could not read at all are now reading at a basic level and can sound out difficult words, while those who could read are reading with expression. According to Mariska, having good reading skills positively impacts all aspects of their schoolwork.

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