Bursary graduates start the real business of working life

Having seized the opportunity to follow their passions, another group of Kouga Wind Farm bursary holders have successfully completed their studies in various fields and will be entering the working world in 2021.

Among them is AFDA graduate Chanelle Jacobs, who completed a Higher Certificate in Film, Television and Entertainment Production. She says, “2020 was a rollercoaster year with the highest highs and the lowest lows, but being a student in this tough time was exciting for me. I made sure that every challenge turned into something good, no matter how hard it seemed.”

Her ultimate dream is to become one of South Africa’s best production managers but for now, Chanelle is starting her journey as a media liaison intern with Kouga Municipality.

Her determination to succeed and to fulfil her dream is tangible. She also encourages others: “Nothing in life today is easy, but now that you have this opportunity, go full out.

There are spaces and places where we feel we are not good enough, but we have to show negativity who is boss. Always remember that the hardest battles go to the strongest candidates.”

Having completed a Diploma in Human Resources Management, Vathiswa Ntshota muses, “It is hard to say what I enjoyed most about being a student, but going to class, learning new things, and engaging in debates and discussions must all be on the list. I also enjoyed meeting new people from different backgrounds –  and socialising.”

It seems that for Vathiswa, the study bug has bitten. She says, “I am currently working on a contract basis as an educational assistant and looking for internships or possibly permanent employment in HR. My plan for the future is to do a BTech in Industrial Psychology.”

She has the following words of wisdom for those starting out in our bursary programme:

“Always remember where you came from and what it took for you to get to where you are today. That will help you to focus and not lose sight of your goals. Challenges are part of the journey. Embrace them, learn from them and come out better. Stay winners.”

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