Getting ahead and giving back

Each of the Kouga Wind Farm Bursary holders gets tuition, books and accommodation, plus a laptop with internet access, and a small stipend.  In return, they are expected to pass 70 per cent of their courses and to ‘pay it forward’ through 50 hours of community service per annum. These are some of the bursary […]

Our bursary holders are paying it forward

Since the Kouga Wind Farm bursary programme started in 2018, one of the requirements for the bursary holders has been to ‘pay it forward’ by means of a minimum of 50 hours of community service per year.  Some of them have been going above and beyond, clocking far more than the stipulated hours. Jennalee GoedaIn […]

Mzamo wo Moya after-school programme yields results at Lungiso High

Despite the National Development Plan’s aim to eliminate poverty and inequality through education by 2030, poor results have continued year after year, especially in marginalised, poor, and underserved rural communities across South Africa. Here many classrooms are overcrowded with hungry children, and staff are despondent because of a lack of resources and poor infrastructure. There […]

Building a bridge from misery to hope with literacy programme

“If children cannot read, their chances of succeeding at school and afterwards are limited,” says Trevor Arosi, Economic Development Manager at Kouga Wind Farm. Because of their belief in the value of literacy, KWF contracted the Institute of Training and Education for Capacity-building (ITEC) to provide a literacy support programme for the children in the […]

Kouga Wind Farm gets creative

In a bid to bring creative learning and skills development to the community, Kouga Wind Farm partnered with film, television and media training provider iKasi Creative Media. Registered as an MICT (Media, Information and Communication Technologies) SETA, iKasi Creative Media provides film, television, and media training.  “We are passionate about training and empowering rural unemployed […]

Kouga Wind Farm bursaries give more than just money

Since its inception in 2018, our bursary programme and its beneficiaries have blossomed. From helping just seven deserving students to reach their academic dreams in its first year, the programme has grown to accommodate 32 recipients this year. Administered by Masinyusane, the bursary not only covers tuition, books, and accommodation, but laptops and internet access […]

Bursary graduates start the real business of working life

Having seized the opportunity to follow their passions, another group of Kouga Wind Farm bursary holders have successfully completed their studies in various fields and will be entering the working world in 2021. Among them is AFDA graduate Chanelle Jacobs, who completed a Higher Certificate in Film, Television and Entertainment Production. She says, “2020 was […]

Temp teachers close Covid-19 gap

Covid-19 has left many schools without enough staff to cope with the daily demands of teaching while also covering classes for teachers who are absent due to illness. To ease the burden, Kouga Wind Farm has supported the employment of 15 temporary teachers to act as assistant teachers at seven local schools. Garth Jacobs, the […]

Bursaries make dreams reality

Over the past three years, the Kouga Wind Farm bursary programme has helped 33 students to study a range of courses at tertiary institutions across South Africa. The programme, administered by Masinyusane, covers everything from tuition and books to transport and accommodation. This year, students who had to return home during lockdown also received laptops […]